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Newly Listed Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. Super Contact Form

    Super Contact Form module for Joomla it's a powerful and ligtweight tool that generates contact forms using modern technologies like AJAX / JQUERY / HTML5 /BOOTSTRAP

    You can build any type of form with drop downs, file attachments, date fields and more. Layout is based on Bootstrap and it's responsive!

    Great features supported

    -Email send via AJAX
    -Multiple forms on same page
    -Unlimited fields
    -Easy grid arrangment based on bootstrap (column 6: 50% width)
    -Don't ever worry about aligment, you can spilt a row to 12 columns. Nice forms (thanks to bootstrap)!
    -All common field types (email,text,textarea,select,radio,checkbox,file,date,captcha,number,color etc)
    -ReCaptcha Support
    -GDPR privacy field support
    -Responsive - Mobile friendly
    -Overridable layouts, you can change ANYTHING
    -Extensible - Developer friendly with many plugin events to build amazing forms!
    -Small CSS and JS files.
    -We use id and classes to any HTML element, so you can easily make changes with simple css rules
    -File attachments (you can limit file extensions and size)
    -Subject prefix
    -AJAX Admin Layout (Re-ordering/editing)
    -Javascript fields validation. You can set min chars or max chars or both limits per field
    -Set as required or optional any field
    -Set as subject or email or name any field
    -Multilanguage support (field title/placeholder/errors)!
    -Google Map on top (iframe)

    Compatible with
    -Joomla: 3.2.x or greater
    - PHP 5.6 or greater

  2. Project Manager Light

    Project Manager Light
    The simplest Free Project Manager Component.

    No settings required. Just install and play.

    Getting Started

    1. Download the zip file from our download section

    2. Log in your site administration area

    3. Go to Extension / Install

    4. Install the file you just downloaded

    5. Got Component / Project Manager Light

    6. Insert projects

    7. Insert tasks

    Allow your site's visitors to access projects' list:

    Set a new menu item to Project Manager Light / Projects

    Allow your site's visitor to access projects' tasks:

    Set a new menu item to Project Manager Light / Tasks

    Remember to set the proper ACL rights in back end component's option permissions tab or the front end views are not accessible.

  3. BPLibrary

    Would you like to speed up your extensions development?

    Use BPLibrary. You will use only 5 classes, short and intuitive method naming.
    No waste your time anymore and remain focused on what make difference in your wallet: your extensions development!

    Just few examples:
    Bp::addCss instead of JFactory::getApplication()->addStyleSheet: 31 digits shorter!
    Bp::addJava instead of JFactory::getApplication()->addScript: 26 digits shorter!
    Bp::addJavaCode instead of JFactory::getApplication()->addScriptDeclaration: 33 digits shorter!
    Bp::addMex instead of JFactory::getApplication()->enqueueMessage: 32 digits shorter!

    It's just to start. How much are paid while you digit all surpluses? Zero.

    You develop multilingual extensions, don't you?
    What if your extensions have to manage plurals?
    Wouldn't be cool to pass the key and an integer to the method and let it do the dirty work?
    set MY_LANG_KEY and MY_LANG_KEY_MORE in your language file, then use:
    Bp::txt('MY_LANG_KEY', 4).
    The method 'txt' will search for MY_LANG_KEY_4, if found will sprintf the language text passing the integer ('4') as the argument.
    Otherwise will search for MY_LANG_KEY_MORE and finally MY_LANG_KEY if missing all the previous. The method will 'sprintf' the text found.

    Think for a moment at what you can do faster than ever and give it a try. It's FREE!

    Have a look at what you can do with BPLibrary on:

  4. Defer Images

    Joomla Defer Images plugin (Lazy images).


    This plugin makes your images loading when it is needed (LazyImages) or show all images after the whole page loaded (OnLoad).

    First, it replaces images with small image as 'data:image' code.
    Then, when you load page and scroll, it loads an images which on the actual screen or load all images after page loaded (OnLoad).

    This can help you with site optimization and get more points from Google Page Speed Insights and GTmetrix.

    The plugin parameters:

    • Defer type - Select which images loading type you need (LazyImages by default);
      • LazyImages - makes your images loading when it is needed, when you load page and scroll, it loads an images which on the actual screen;
      • OnLoad - load all images after the whole page loaded with OnLoad event.
    • Images Load Delay - Delay for load deferred images on page load;
  5. Sky Spider CFv6 Save To Google Sheets

    This plugin lets you save data from your form to your Google Sheets spreadsheets.

    It's finally here! With the Sky Spider Save to Google Sheets action you will be able to save any data - from forms, database reads, or custom code - from any of your Chronoforms V6 forms and Chronoconnectivity V6 connections to your Google Sheets Spreadsheets.

    The plugin supports saving a pre-built array with multiple values or you can manually select your data by column letter.

    The action is very easy to use and includes an additional view tab with step-by-step instructions to get you going in minutes.